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Montana Montana Cash Analysis & Results:

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Draw History

11: last drawn on 08-02-2023 (16 drawings ago)
15: last drawn on 08-12-2023 (13 drawings ago)
26: last drawn on 09-20-2023 (2 drawings ago)
31: last drawn on 09-20-2023 (2 drawings ago)
32: last drawn on 06-07-2023 (32 drawings ago)

Top 10 Most Drawn Number in past 100 Drawings

Drawn 17 times.
Drawn 16 times.
Drawn 16 times.
Drawn 16 times.
Drawn 15 times.
Drawn 15 times.
Drawn 15 times.
Drawn 15 times.
Drawn 14 times.
Drawn 14 times.

Top 10 Least Drawn Number in Past 100 Drawings

Drawn 4 times.
Drawn 5 times.
Drawn 7 times.
Drawn 7 times.
Drawn 7 times.
Drawn 8 times.
Drawn 8 times.
Drawn 8 times.
Drawn 8 times.
Drawn 9 times.

Numbers Drawn Frequencies in Past 100 Drawings

NumberDrawn TimesLast DrawnFav
014 times16 drawings ago
0210 times2 drawings ago
0316 times6 drawings ago
0411 times13 drawings ago
0513 times5 drawings ago
0616 times9 drawings ago
0715 times2 drawings ago
0816 times8 drawings ago
098 times5 drawings ago
1015 times7 drawings ago
119 timesIn the last drawing
129 times15 drawings ago
1315 times4 drawings ago
1413 times3 drawings ago
157 timesIn the last drawing
1612 times10 drawings ago
1711 times3 drawings ago
187 times17 drawings ago
1912 times4 drawings ago
2011 times2 drawings ago
217 times8 drawings ago
228 times8 drawings ago
2311 times12 drawings ago
2412 times6 drawings ago
2513 times14 drawings ago
2612 timesIn the last drawing
2713 times6 drawings ago
2811 times3 drawings ago
299 times7 drawings ago
3014 times9 drawings ago
3117 timesIn the last drawing
329 timesIn the last drawing
338 times2 drawings ago
3415 times7 drawings ago
3512 times4 drawings ago
3611 times5 drawings ago
379 times8 drawings ago
3810 times16 drawings ago
398 times5 drawings ago
405 times47 drawings ago
4111 times7 drawings ago
429 times9 drawings ago
4314 times2 drawings ago
4410 times23 drawings ago
4512 times6 drawings ago
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Cash in on the Fun with Montana's Montana Cash Lottery!

Are you ready to cash in on the fun with Montana's Montana Cash lottery? This exciting game offers great odds of winning and a chance to walk away with some serious cash. So, let's get into all the details and help you become the next big winner!

About the Lottery
Montana's Montana Cash is a popular lottery game that involves drawing five numbers between 1 and 45. If you match all five numbers, you hit the jackpot and become a big winner!

How to Play
Playing Montana Cash is easy and fun. All you need to do is purchase a ticket from any authorized retailer, choose five numbers between 1 and 45, and wait for the drawing. You can also choose to play for up to ten consecutive draws with the same set of numbers.

When the Drawings Are Held
Drawings for the Montana Cash lottery are held every Wednesday and Saturday at 8:00 pm Mountain Time. Make sure you get your tickets before the cut-off time, which is 7:30 pm Mountain Time on the day of the drawing.

Additional Features
One of the best things about Montana's Montana Cash lottery is the EZ Match feature. This feature gives you the chance to win an instant prize of up to $500. If your ticket has an EZ Match number that matches any of your Montana Cash numbers, you win the corresponding prize.

The Odds of Winning
The odds of winning the Montana Cash lottery are great compared to other lotteries. The overall odds of winning a prize are 1 in 7.61. Here's a breakdown of the odds of winning each prize tier:

Match 5 (jackpot): 1 in 542,008
Match 4: 1 in 2,603
Match 3: 1 in 75
Match 2: 1 in 8

How to Win
To win the jackpot in Montana's Montana Cash lottery, you need to match all five numbers drawn. If you match fewer numbers, you can still win other prizes, depending on how many numbers you match. And don't forget about the EZ Match feature, which can help boost your winnings.

How to Win Using a Lottery Wheeling System
If you want to improve your chances of winning, you can try using a lottery wheeling system. This is a strategy that involves selecting a large group of numbers and arranging them in various combinations to increase your chances of hitting the jackpot. There are many different lottery wheeling systems out there, so do some research to find the one that works best for you.

So, what are you waiting for? Cash in on the fun and buy your Montana Cash ticket today. Who knows, you could be the next big winner! Good luck!


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