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What is this site about?

How can I win? At one point or another, we have all thought it.  There must be a way of being able to pick winning numbers. There must be a strategy that can help us win the lottery.

Wheeling systems are the strategy. Combinatorics mathematics allows mathematicians the ability to create a series of organized numbers that guarantee a winning combination. is dedicated to bringing you these wheeling systems totally free.

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Get started by reading about wheeling systems. Or jump right in and begin using the systems. Each system's description is at the title of each page. This is what it means.

Example Page :

Pick 6 Wheeling System 18 Numbers 42 Combinations Assurance 4/6

The title of each system tells you everything. It is a Pick 6 system that allows you to select 18 numbers. It will generate 42 combinations from your 18 lucky numbers, each system has a guarantee or an assurance this one is 4/6 or 4 if 6. These last numbers tell you that the system will give you a 4 number match if the 6 numbers drawn are within your 18 lucky numbers.

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Wheeling Systems Have a Mathematical Basis

Fact: Any game that can be expressed mathematically can be analyzed to improve your position in the game.

Combinatorics mathematics is a powerful method for maximizing the number coverage of the lottery game.

Mathematics gives us the tools for developing powerful strategies (popularly known as wheeling systems or lottery wheel). These strategies increase your chances of hitting a winning combination.

How do wheeling systems work?

If you play the lottery and want to improve your number coverage, you need to use a lottery wheel. You have come to the right place. Wheeling systems are free here. Find out how they work and start playing smarter.

How do wheeling systems work?
This is an example of a lottery wheel!

Free Lotto Wheeling System

Balanced Wheeling Systems

Select from a larger group of numbers. These systems are mathematically based and have been optimized to provide you a win guarantee if some or all the winning lottery numbers are within your chosen numbers.

Balanced Lottery Wheeling Systems!

Lottery Wheeling System Generator!

All systems on our site will generate a lottery wheel. The Wheeling System Generator has a performance assurance as well. Input your numbers and generate your system instantly. You will not be limited. Come back often to check on new lottery systems published or sign up to be notified when new systems are published.

Lottery Number Prediction : Using Artificial Intelligence

When picking lottery numbers, it is important to make your number choices based on data, such as historical trends. When looking at this data, unbelievably, there is a short-term bias that is present in lotteries. While lottery numbers are randomly drawn, they do tend to show, an extent of predictability. There is a field of study that proposes there is an order to chaos. It is referred to as Chaos Theory. In chaos theory mathematics, it states that,

within the apparent randomness of chaotic complex systems, there are underlying patterns.”

We are using the power of AI to Identify these patterns. This development comes with its challenges but once it is completed, we believe it will be a powerful tool.

The Lotto Expert Artificial Intelligence engine is currently in Pre-Alpha stage. We are testing.