How to Play Powerball

Powerball Jackpots start at $40 million dollars and go up from there every time it rolls over. It is the largest in the world. It is also an exciting, multi-state, multimillion-dollar-jackpot game. It is available in 47 lottery jurisdictions throughout the country, including the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. For a complete list of states that offer POWERBALL visit

All the Powerball lottery members contribute a percentage of the ticket sales to a shared jackpot. so with so many players, the jackpot can grow to astronomical levels and into the hundreds of millions of dollars. The largest POWERBALL jackpot to date was a whopping $1.5 billion shared by winners in Florida, Tennessee, and California on January 13, 2016.

Top Powerball Winning Numbers

These are the top 10 drawn numbers since the Powerball was increased to a 69 number drawing on 10/07/2015.

In order of frequency 32 – 23 – 64 – 69 – 61 – 28 – 03 – 16 – 21 – 41

Least Drawn Powerball Numbers

These are the top 10 least drawn numbers since the Powerball was increased to a 69 number drawing on 10/07/2015.

10 Least Drawn Powerball Numbers in order of least frequency 35 – 51 – 46 – 65 – 58 – 34 – 04 – 60 – 55 – 15

Playing Powerball

Powerball offers you the opportunity to win very big for only $2 per play. So how to play Powerball?
The objective is to match all 5 white balls plus the Powerball. To play Powerball you must first pick up a playslip at an authorized Lottery retailer. Each playslip contains five panels, allowing you to play up to five plays for each panel.

Begin by selecting five numbers from 1 thru 69 or you could simply select a quick pick and let the computer randomly pick all your numbers. If you choose your own numbers then you must select a Powerball number from a field of 1 thru 26. If you match all 5 white balls and the Powerball you win the jackpot! Don’t despair if you do not win the jackpot, as there are more ways to win.

If you match only the 5 white balls you win $1 million dollars! Players can also add Power Play® for an additional $1 and can win $2 million for matching the five white balls or you can multiply the nation jackpot prizes by 2x, 3x, 4x, or 5x. If the jackpot is $150 million or less a 10x multiplier is added.

Make sure to review your selections carefully as POWERBALL tickets cannot be canceled.

The official drawing results to see if you’re a winner can be viewed at! they can also be viewed at authorized Lottery retailers. You may also watch the drawings online.

Drawings are held Wednesday and Saturday nights at 10:59 p.m., Eastern Time. Tickets may be purchased until 10:00 p.m., Eastern Time, on the night of the drawing. Tickets purchased after that time will be for the next drawing.

Please remember: All prizes must be claimed within 180 days of the applicable drawing date. All prizes must be claimed in the state where the winning ticket was sold.